Benefits of Yoga

Our urban civilization brings with it tensions unknown in previous eras. One tends to live on the run, geared to split-second timing, noise, newscasts every hour on the hour, phones jangling, cars honking, trains rattling, traffic jams, deadlines and keeping up with everyone. There is seldom sufficient rest, relaxation or sleep. None of this can bring about peace of mind. The good news is that medicine and science are slowly, but surely, acknowledging yoga is the only panacea.

Yoga is an ancient health-art, which has been developed, evolved and perfected over the centuries by the sages and wise men of ancient India. Yoga is not a religion, nor a metaphysical doctrine, nor a philosophy. Yoga is neither magic nor mysticism, although with regular practise it can bring about amazing improvements. It can make the health, appearance, youthfulness and perception seem magical, even miraculous.

For thousands of years the yoga practitioners of India have used the universal ethical, humane, simple and reasonable principles of yoga in order to enjoy the zest, enthusiasm and good health of their youth. They have practised yoga to preserve in their middle age clear-thinking and sound physique of manhood; to continue enjoying even in old age resilience, healthfulness and well being of their younger years.

Amongst the other benefits of yoga is that practising this can take years off one’s face and body, as well as add years to one’s life. By maintaining a balanced, holistic life style, practitioners manage to maintain the flexibility and ‘spring’ of early youth in their joints, muscles and limbs. Yoga re-invigorates the mind. It works like magic because it enables the body, mind and spirit to realise their full potential.

Yoga prescribes age-old secrets of the breath in order to relieve stress and strains of the frenetic tempo and crushing demands of daily modern life. It is only about a few minutes’ of easy, practical applications, which can restore one’s lost vitality; putting zest into one’s undertakings enabling one to enjoy to the fullest a sense of health, energy and creative living. This collectively will make all the difference to one’s happiness – present and future. Yoga is simply the art of joyful living.