Pregnancy and Yoga

Unless prescribed by the doctor, it is important for a mother to be to be as active as possible. This ensures the birth of a healthy baby, as well as the well being of the mother, especially if the birth is going to be normal. During childbirth the mother’s body goes through trauma.

Though the pain is said to be worth it, yet nonetheless it is extremely painful, causing immense stress on the body. However, according to the medical practitioners, moderate exercises during the nine-month tenure helps in easing out the birth process.



Amongst the recommended exercises is walking and yoga. In fact, yoga postures, stretches and breathing exercises have immense benefits for the pregnant woman. Yoga is a holistic form of exercise, as it has an impact on the mind, body and soul. It gives complete relaxation and calmness. It brings a constant glow to the expectant mother and spreads a sense of well-being, which is vital for the health of the fetus. In fact, if the mother to be follows a yogic way of life, which would not only include practicing the postures and stretches regularly, but also following a proper, healthy diet ensures that post-pregnancy one is back into shape in no time.

While there are a number of books based on yoga postures that one can do at home, yet one should attend pregnancy yoga classes. This is because with help of an instructor, one can be sure that they are performing the stretches and exercises properly, and will be corrected in case of any mistakes.

One should keep in mind that while stretching and doing yoga postures one needs to be very careful, as any error can cause a shift in the position of the fetus, thereby bringing about complications for the not-yet-born-little-one, as we well as for the mother to be.