Yoga Clothing

In order to develop and experience harmony at all levels – physical, pranic, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual it is most beneficial if the yama and niyama are incorporated along with the practice of asanas. The enthusiast must have faith, discipline and perseverance to practice regularly and most important – be able to breathe! It is for this reason that there are certain prescribed requirements for one to be comfortable while practicing.



Amongst the primary requirements is all that needs to be kept in mind where yoga clothing is concerned. So, the dos for clothing of yoga includes :

  1. Wearing loose clothes
  2. They should be in light pastel shades, preferably white
  3. The clothes should be light
  4. The clothes should be made from natural material

Amongst the other important needs to be kept in mind before practicing yoga postures, one needs to :

  1. Remove footwear
  2. They must not wear spectacles
  3. They should remove wristwatch
  4. One should ideally not wear any jewelry
  5. One should avoid wearing leather belts,
  6. as well as any other leather article
  7. The cell phones should either be switched of,
  8. or then put into silence

Apart from the clothes to be worn, one needs to keep in mind the cloth or mat on which one practices the yoga postures. This cloth is known as the asana. It should ideally be a thick cloth, or optionally, a light blanket that is made from a natural material. This mat is used as it functions as an insulator between the body and the earth. Ideally, one should use the same asana daily. One should avoid any asana that is made from a flimsy or slippery material. One needs to avoid soft and spongy mattresses, as well as those filled with air. This is because such mattresses do not give sufficient support to the spine and could cause injury.